Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Week 2 Tuesday

It was a few degrees warmer today so I ditched a layer since I was sweating like a pig yesterday when I got to work. Nothing exciting to report except when I got to work they wouldn't open the dock doors to let me in. I called security and they said they can only open them for delivery trucks. Humm, lets see. You will open them for a truck that could have a bomb in the back but you can't for someone who works here that's riding their bike to work. That makes a lot of sense. So I had to find the bike rack in the bottom level of the parking garage and take the public elevators to my office.

Before, I was able to come in through the dock doors and get on one of the freight elevators to my office. Now, I get to have all the suits stare at me with all my bike stuff in the elevator.

So after all the extra running around I had to do I was a little late for work today. I'm going to have a little talk with whoever is in charge of security and see if I can talk them into letting me in the dock doors.

Just when I get my routine running smoothly I run into this roadblock.


munsoned said...

Wait, wait, wait. Is that a Bianchi with full Record/Chorus Campy sitting there without a lock???!!!????

I think whoever owns that bike may not be the owner for too long if it's indeed not locked up tight. Maybe that's what the dock door nazi wanted you to see? Free bike?

T-bone said...

Yes it is. I wasn't too worried about my bike getting jacked when I saw what I parked next to.

That Bianchi must be tired though because it had a pillow under it's headset. Some rich exec probably bought it and forgot it's down there.

bryan said...

Hey, it's sort-of locked. That's close enough, I think.

Nice bike, though.