Monday, February 11, 2008

Week 2, Monday am

3 degrees when I left the house this morning. I wasn't looking forward to it but once I got out there and moving it felt like any other day. All I needed was an extra layer and I was fine. Oh, and grab my face mask. Can't have any exposed skin at those temps. I picked up some new insulated/windproof cycling pants at the Trek Store and that helped.

I've also noticed that I'm feeling more comfortable with everything and I can enjoy the ride more.


UnderDaHill said...

Now I feel bad that I wimped out this morning. Great!

Good job on the ride in.

I need to pull my ski goggles out as well.

T-bone said...

Yea, goggles are a must if you don't want frozen eyeballs.

Don't feel bad, tomorrow is another (cold) day.

munsoned said...

I've been growing a beard and it felt like I had velcro all over my face. I only wore a balaclava so my face was exposed from bottom of cycling glasses to lower lip. I was sweating by the time I got to work since I was well covered otherwise, but man, riding when it's that cold seems like you're in slow motion. Just hard to have any get up and go in traffic.

Great job on the full week of commuting, by the way. Once you get the routine, it'll seem weird not to go thru the motions. I forget stuff if I don't ride. Each pocket of my jersey/pants carries specific stuff. When I drive, I usually have to run back in the house a couple times since I forget stuff.

T-bone said...

Mike, I know what you mean. This weekend when I was getting ready to go to Manawa. I had to run back in the house about 4 times to get things and I still forgot my iPod.

Lately I've just started leaving everything in my messenger bag. Then, when I need to drive my car somewhere I just bring my bag. I still have to track down my helmet and shoes though.

dale said...

I rode yesterday, but by 14:30, it was 17 and wind chill around 0 riding into it. Just put in right effort to moderate my temp and get the blood pumping. Left after 20:00 with little wind. I'm door to door in under 10 mins going the direct way.

What puts me behind is not allowing time to make/take food in my camelbak.

Other than work clothes, I wear armwarmers (b/c ss workshirt), vohler thermal jacket, amfib gloves inside wool mits, shimano winter boots, pi balaclava, prescription bike glasses, and helmet. I have a pair of shoes at work.