Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day 2 pm

So there was a little bit more snow on the ground for the ride back to westroads to pick up my car.
The roads downtown were ok but some of the sidewalks were bad. I was having to ride on some of them and it was tricky not knowing where the curbs were.

I swear this town is either up hill or down. I left work and headed up Douglas till the top of the hill around 25th or so and cut over to Farnam. The hill up Farnam past Mutual was a bitch. Then when I got to Saddle Creek I hit the neighborhood up the next hill. That was a mistake, I should have just stayed on Farnam because the neighborhood was slippery and the snow was deep.

Once I was at the top of the hill at 50th I cut back over to Farman and took that to Dodge. Rode the sidewalks from Memorial Park to Westroads.

Most of the sidewalks were not cleared so it was slow going trying to keep moving with those skinny tires in that deep snow. The final climb from 84th and Dodge to just past 90th almost killed me. I was going through 2ft drifts at the top of the hill. By the time I got to Stan Olsen I was delirious. The people there were staring at me in disbelief when I walked in covered with snow. It's a great day for a ride is what I told them.


ajb said...

I'd stay off farnam up that hill... skinny lanes = close car passes. definitely stay off it if it's rush hour. how long did downtown to westroads take you in those conditions? hour?

T-bone said...

The only bad spot on Farnam was where the construction was by Mutual. Normally I would ride on the sidewalk on such a big hill but they were covered in snow and I didn't want to push my bike.

It took me about 55 minutes to get to westroads. They close at 6 so I was cutting it close. I had it pegged most of the way. My windows were so fogged up on the way home I had to roll them down to see where I was going.