Thursday, February 7, 2008

Day 4 am

It was a little colder today so I decided to grab the snowboard helmet and goggles. It's nice having warm eyeballs in the morning. So my streets are still snow covered but I decide to ride the cross bike anyways. Made it to the Field Club trail and it was almost clear with a few ice patches. Tried Mundsons route suggestion and liked it so it will be go (Thanks Mike).

So I was going down Douglas Street just getting ready to turn onto 17th and go into my building when I decide to downshift into 1st. All of the sudden my chain goes into my rear wheel. I grab the rear brake and lock it up till I get to a stop (luckly no one was behind me). Look at my wheel and see it's now rubbing. I guess all those rear wheel curb contacts tweeked it a little. So tonight guess what I'll be doing. I'm also thinking of getting a commuter bike, one with a internal rear hub. All this road grime, snow and salt are not good for shifters and derailleurs. I was thinking about a Trek Soho 4.0.

So I get to work and my badge won't open the dock door. I call security and ask them to open it. Sit there for a few minutes and wait then a truck leaving opens the door and I ride in. Then some security guy comes up to me like I'm sort of terrorist asking me if he can help me. I'm like no, I work here. He says "let me see you badge". I show him and he lets me go. Thanks Mr. Security guy. That's the second time this week I've been stopped. Get used to seeing me.


Legs said...

Why mess around with those trails, get out on the streets,it lets the cars know we mean business.

T-bone said...

I love the Field Club Trail. I wish it took me all the way to my job.

I'm purdy sure that when cagers see someone on a bike at 7:30am in 15 degree weather they know we mean business.

munsoned said...

Ok, that Soho is a near perfect commuter. It just needs fenders and a front hub generator with lights and it'd be a year round steed. Ever since getting a front hub generator, I'll never go back to batteries. No more forgetting to charge!!! Plus, with the rise of better LED technology, generators can be built less tank like since LED is way more efficient than traditional bulb. I just hope the technology keeps evolving. Right now there's only a couple generators out on the market, and not commonly seen either. The Shimano Nexus, DH 3N70, and the old school Schmidt hubs are it. All of these hubs are crazy heavy, 575g to 700g, which is about 2 times as heavy as a rear hub. Hopefully though, a company will take the time to figure out how to pare down the parts with an LED light in mind. If only I was an engineer....

dale said...

I like my L&M Vega which has the battery in the light housing. I put the bike on the stand after each ride and plug the power cord in the light. Done. Battery always charged.

I mount the light under the handlebar - looks better imo and is more protected on endos.

The X-City is Felts internal hub urban bike. Only rode them around the shop floor but they seem to have a nice shift. If you want gears, internal is a good alternative, but I wonder if the shifting degrades when the temps get really cold.

I prefer my ss, now fix, Mary with fattires, but my commute is only a couple miles.