Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 1 Commute

Well, I finally did it and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. When I stepped outside today to check the roads I all most fell on my butt. After that I started wondering if I should wait till tomorrow. Finally, I said screw it and got dressed.

I was amazed at how much grip I could get from my cross tires. I only hit one slick spot and the rest was fine. Took me a total of 23 minutes. Not sure about the mileage but I think it's around 3 miles. Now I just need to get my route and my routine more dialed in.
Only one close call to report. So I'm riding against traffic on the sidewalk on 20th between Farnam and Douglas when I come to an intersection crossing Douglas. It's a green light so I'm riding in the crosswalk and some A-Hole driving a Hampton Inn Van starts turing left onto Douglas street. I have my lights flashing and he finally stops a few feet before hitting me and honks. I should have stopped right there and put my bike in the cross-walk and went and had a talk with this guy. Oh well, next time. I continue across Douglas and get on the sidewalk and this jack ass is still honking and pointing. Next time I'll have my camera in my pocket so I can snap a picture and call his employer.
So overall day one was a good ride in. I'm still alive and feel good having done a little exercise first thing.


dale said...

Good to hear you're commuting.

Keep an eye out for the coffins. I try not to get angry at their provacations/stupidity and just enjoy the ride.

Almost home from a gravel road ride Saturday night around 7. Come up to a 4way stop. I'm first so start across and the guy to my left revs up the engine and starts crossing. I trackstand and shine my HID in his window. He stops and I continue on. More cars were near so he didn't become aggressive.

T-bone said...

Thanks Dale, don't worry I keep a close eye out for coffins. I've been in contact with my city council member trying to get some bike lanes put in down town (mainly Leavenworth). I think it would make perfect sense because you could get from the Keystone to downtown rather easily. They are putting togehter a study to see if Leavenworth could handle being only three lanes from 60th to Saddle Creek. Don't you just love how cars come first, and people trying to exercise and save gas come last.