Wednesday, July 30, 2008

commuter article in LJS

Stole this
link from FFL posted 7/24. Very positive writeup on commuters and touring.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Cricket, Cricket, Cricket

Where did everyone go. The trails are busy each morning and afternoon, so I know some of you are still commuting.

How is everyone's summer going? Anyone have entertaining commuting stories to share?

My favorite has to be the time a guy in a truck started yelling at me as he passed real slow so he could really unload. After a heated exchange (mostly on his part) he promptly got stuck in a LONG line of traffic as I went scooting on ahead in the not-so-slow lane. I sure hope he realized his mistake of assuming that I was the one holding up traffic. Either that, or he had an aneurysm on the spot. He did look close to blowing a few gaskets.

Interestingly enough, it does seem like a larger proportion of people driving trucks are not happy people. Almost all of the rude comments I get from motorists come from people driving trucks. Maybe it's just PFS (Post Fueling Syndrome).