Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day 3 am

This morning I had to drive to Lincoln to do a laptop sweep and fix a printer so my ride to work was a bit later than normal. I left the house about 11:30 for a nice ride in.

Since my street wasn't plowed I had to fight my way to the Field Club trail before I could get any speed going. It was great seeing the trail already plowed and it was easy going till Woolworth where I get off the trail. Woolworth wasn't bad till I got going down the hill from 32nd ave to Park Ave. It is a very steep downhill with a very steep uphill. Cars always get stuck going up this and usually turns into ice from all the cars peeling out. Needless to say I hit a major ice spot at high speeds towards the bottom of the hill and I about shit myself when I got into a high speed tank slapper. I was able to keep it upright and barely squeezed by the car stuck on the hill.

Once I got past Park Ave I take 29th street to Leavenworth. 29th street was not very packed down so I was having a tough time getting through. I will know better next time we get this much snow and to ride my mountian bike. Leavenworth street was mostly clear so the rest of the way was easy. The last picture is a shot of the building I work in.


munsoned said...

Hey Troy, instead of doing that hill from 32nd to Park ave, you could take the much milder bus route by going left at 32nd street(just past the Ford Birthplace Memorial), North to Pacific, East to Park Ave, then North to Leavenworth. It's guaranteed to be easier, elevation wise, and probably less snow since the buses that travel that route clear the way. Just a suggestion.

I have 2 routes on my commute. One takes me over to Leavenworth on 60th, then Leavenworth down to 42nd and I'm there. The other is the one I described before about using Center Street and Saddle Creek. The Center/Saddle route has almost no ups or downs, it's flat as can be. However, it's heavier traffic wise. The 60th/Leavenworth is not quite as traffic heavy, but the climbing and the crazy lights around 52nd St area are not so fun. Especially in the snow.

I'm impressed you plow through the rough sidewalks. You're gonna get hella strong doing that.

T-bone said...

Thanks Mike, I'll check out that route on my way home tonight.

My legs were burning going up Dodge to 90th yesterday. I can definitely feel it today.

dale said...

You are having some exciting experiences for your first week of commuting!

The city has cleared the trails promptly after the heavier snows this winter.

Getting your routes dialed in for different weather, times, and terrain/scenery will help.

With snow on the roads, I ride streets with 25mph speed limits and trails. Dry pavement and I'll ride the 45 mph streets to work.

Please send and invite to tpmbt at cox dot net.

Legs said...

Oh you rookie commuters, taking sidewalks, and planning routes out.Just ride, don't get consumed with this way or that.

T-bone said...

I'll admit it, I'm a rookie commuter and proud of it.

I'm sure I'll get more comfortable riding in traffic the more I do it but I was run over by a car when I was a kid and it's still in the back of my mind every time I hear a car coming up behind me. Maybe talking about it will help so here goes.

I was probably about 8 or 9 when a friend of mine and I decided to ride into town. We lived in a small neighborhood out in the country. There was a narrow gravel road into town we were riding on and we would maybe get passed by one or two cars the whole way. Well on this day there were two cars passing us in opposite directions at the same time. All I remember is riding as far to the right as I could and hearing a fast approaching car honking behind me. Panic set in and I pointed my bike towards the ditch but it was too late. The cars front bumper caught my rear wheel and threw me and my bike under the car. Somehow, when the car stopped I was under the car with my bike mangled but it was wedged in between me and the car. I believe that bike saved my life.

So imagine that image played back in your head every time you hear a car coming up behind you.

Yea, I ride on the sidewalks sometimes.

Legs said...

Wow, thats tough stuff. Well good to see another guy out on the bike.I
hope you can fight those flashbacks of an experience like that, and overcome them. Have a good ride home man!

T-bone said...

Thanks Legs. You don't by chance ride an Orange Kona Jake the Snake do you? I see somebody riding one past my building sometimes.

A.B. said...

That's James. He delivers for Jimmy Johns. He used to work at the Bike Way. I work not too far from you.