Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weird Yard Art

As some of you may know, my ride to work passes by 33 different Virgin Mary statues, but that is not the only form of yard art I ride by. I must say, these are my favorite kind of dogs to pass by on my bike.
It has been a good week of riding in so far. I have been crossing paths with a guy that rides the same route in the morning. It is nice to say 'good morning' to another cyclist as I ride into work. The other people I have begun to notice drive cars. One guy drives this huge, cherry red pick-up truck with at least a V8 engine. I try not to inhale his exhaust as he politely pulls past me over the interstate bridge. Another driver, a middle-aged woman who drives an older gold BMW grips her steering wheel oddly as she peers through the windshield. Her face brightly colored with make-up, her neck wrapped in gold, hair upturned in a fifties do. I swear it is her perfume I smell in the air. Needless to say, she doesn't understand the girl she passes each morning riding her bike to work. Hey, I think my hair turns out pretty good on the mornings in ride in! (;


T-bone said...

Very nice, I need to get me some yard art like that. Thanks for posting.

dale said...

Having people see us regularly riding the road is a good thing, especially if both share the road nicely with one another.

About the only repeat vehicles I recognize are the buses leaving from an elementary school Mondays before 3 as I go to work on Fort St. With 3 lanes, most people give me at least half a lane, the nice ones almost a full lane. The bus drivers are some of the least nice people.

Unfortunately in west O, the local hoods in my area are too young to have much character or art work.

Anonymous said...

Hail doggie, full of concrete...

I had a Canadian Goose stare me down about 12 inches off of the Keystone today. I wasn't sure if it would walk out in front of me or fly away, instead he just looked at me, eh.