Thursday, April 3, 2008


Well I haven't been riding much. I felt like crap all weekend and this week I've called in sick twice. Today I was getting ready to ride in and I looked outside and saw it pouring so I drove again. Tomorrow it's back on the bike. The World Herald is doing a story on Commuting and want a picture of me for it. I'll post something here when I know what day it's going to run.


dale said...

you must know someone at owh, quoted a couple days ago about bike shops, now commuting???

T-bone said...

Actually it's one of Mundson's buddies Bryan who works there. He saw my blog and said something to one of the writers doing a story on high gas prices and what some people are doing about it. Had a photographer come to my house this morning for some pictures. He said the story may be in Sundays paper.