Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Man I love commuting!

Oh... hello there. I'm new here. When T-Bone wasn't looking, I made a copy of his blog keys. Mwahaha!

Actually, T-Bone was nice enough to invite me to contribute to the Omaha-Commute blog. Thanks T-Bone.

I like pictures, so here are a few pictures of my commute this morning. Click the images for the large versions. Enjoy!

Extreme North section of the Keystone Trail

Me...and my ______

Yes, a commuter bike is fun on this too

My idea of heavy traffic

Heavy traffic for everyone else


dale said...

Your shadow takes pretty good pics, though once he got in one, he had a hard time staying out of the rest. ;)

There is definitely a positive feedback loop with commuting, the more you do it, the more you enjoy it, the more you do it.

Biker Bob said...

Yup... that shadow is hard to lose. I'll see if I can out run him tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I must have chosen the wrong field, you computer guys go into work late enough to have a shadow and then I bump on the Keystone on the way home. I'm getting screwed.

Bob, question for you. When riding in while the birds are just starting to sing, I get to Blondo street and loving the ride then I get just to the end of the auto body shop and a big release of compressed air shoots out and scares the jebers out of me. This morning I made it all the way to the end of the building and no puff of air, cool, Just the sounds of the morning, then BAM or PISSSSSS! I thought I was in the clear. Does that ever happen to you?

T-bone said...

Thanks for posting Biker Bob. It's great to see other folks enjoying their commute as much as I do.

If anyone else want's to post just let me know. The more people we have posting the better:)

munsoned said...

Josh, I'll chime in here. That building must have pretty bad gas. It happens to me all the time. And yes, most of the time, I almost end up on the side of the trail after I do an impromptu bunny hop after getting startled.

On my commute down Center then Saddle Creek, I keep trying to tell passing drivers, telekinetically of course, that they are missing out on so much by driving to work. Maybe once gas hits $4.00 a gall, people will open their minds and listen to me. I mean, sheesh, my brain is tired of screaming.

I'm a fan of Sci-fi movies and when The Time Machine got re-remade in 2002(?) it had an awesome scene where the time traveler ended up in the mid-2000s, I think. He was in New York and there were no cars. Everyone was either walking or biking and of course, skinny. I saw that and had one of those "wowie" moments. Sure would be nice.

Biker Bob said...

JW... yeah, that happens to me every morning. Scares the ___ out of me most mornings even though I'm expecting it. I think that is just the safety valve on the compressor they use for their painting equipment.

t-bone... you more than welcome. I also agree that more posters would be great.

munson... I agree, My mind is tired of screaming too, but I don't think I should share what my mind screams while I'm riding down center street during rush-hour.

ajb said...

I miss the keystone on the commute. Really miss Elmwood. Thanks for the photos!