Tuesday, April 29, 2008

commute to trailwork

Getting ready to leave. Fortunate living only a couple miles from Tranquility.
Last Sunday, family was out and about and both vehicles were gone. Being it was a great day, sunny with temps in the 50's, I had an itch to do some trailwork. With mary down waiting for a seatpost, I broke out the first bike I ever bought - an 02 Giant Sedona - a comfort bike. I hadn't ridden this in a couple years. After pumping up the tires, checked the slop in the hub bearings, checked a few bolts, loaded up and went for it. Kept the chain in the middle of the cassette and occassionally changed between middle and big ring. Old rim brakes pulling a bob didn't inspire much confidence. I missed fix braking with the legs. Coupled with Ginger on a retractable lead, this kept me on my toes when braking for intersections and passing other dogs. After some successful treadwork and talking with a few people, pulled onto the last block just as it started to rain. - Great timing! Tired, dirty, and hungry - the sign of a good time with a bike!


munsoned said...

Um, is your bike is just a hair too small, or are you trying to make it one of those funky saddle on a beam dealies?!?! Seriously man, I'm impressed your saddle didn't snap off. That thing is hanging way off the back of your seatpost!

Good job using a bike, any bike, to get you where you need to be. Ah, the perfect machine...especially when it fits right, eh Dale?

T-bone said...

Are you making a fashion statement with those pants tucked into your socks?

dale said...

The seatpost has bent a little at the top. Will try and remember to take the hint and slide it forward before it breaks next time I get the bike down. She really needs an overhaul but I don't ride it anymore.

I haven't bought some of those hipster commuter knickers yet. So, I'm part of the old school pantleg-tuckers. At least I haven't went to the bermuda shorts with black stockings and dress shoes yet.

Anonymous said...

Goodwill has wool slacks for $5 and if you get the ones that are the color week a walet busting $1. Cut off the the bottom part of the legs sew up a half inch or so and wala, you got yourself some cheap___ knickers.