Friday, May 30, 2008

An unloved bike... a sad thing.

If you know anyone that has an old road bike just collecting dust in the garage, please send them my way.

I plan to resurrect a bike for my wife to get her feet wet (not literally) riding, and for me to tinker with LIKE SO to create a SS/Fixie commuter.

More details in the comments.


Biker Bob/Runner Bob said...

Dale has inspired me to try a fixie (but I'll put a freewheel on the other side of a flip flop hub... aka, bail out gear). Since I'm kind of a tinkerer by nature, I'd like to fix up a used bike. Plus... being broke means I can't swing a new frame for the project.

Anyways, I need a frame with horizontal droupouts in the 57-60 range (I'm 5'11").

My wife is around 5'5" and I want to start her on just a normal road bike with gears. Anything servicable will be considered.

Biker Bob/Runner Bob said...

Found a bike. I did some Yard Sale shopping and found a Nishiki Olympic-12 for $20. Now begins the conversion process. ;-)

dale said...

Glad you found something to work with! Do you plan on stipping and painting like the link examples or getting it functional more quickly and riding?

Biker Bob/Runner Bob said...

The bike is shaping up. I still need to find a rim and spokes to lace up the rear flip-flop hub, and a 1mm shim for the rear seatpost. Other than that, I have pretty much everything I need thanks to the bike coop and a little help from the parts department at Bike Masters.