Friday, May 30, 2008

An unloved bike... a sad thing.

If you know anyone that has an old road bike just collecting dust in the garage, please send them my way.

I plan to resurrect a bike for my wife to get her feet wet (not literally) riding, and for me to tinker with LIKE SO to create a SS/Fixie commuter.

More details in the comments.


Biker Bob said...

Dale has inspired me to try a fixie (but I'll put a freewheel on the other side of a flip flop hub... aka, bail out gear). Since I'm kind of a tinkerer by nature, I'd like to fix up a used bike. Plus... being broke means I can't swing a new frame for the project.

Anyways, I need a frame with horizontal droupouts in the 57-60 range (I'm 5'11").

My wife is around 5'5" and I want to start her on just a normal road bike with gears. Anything servicable will be considered.

Biker Bob said...

Found a bike. I did some Yard Sale shopping and found a Nishiki Olympic-12 for $20. Now begins the conversion process. ;-)

dale said...

Glad you found something to work with! Do you plan on stipping and painting like the link examples or getting it functional more quickly and riding?

Biker Bob said...

The bike is shaping up. I still need to find a rim and spokes to lace up the rear flip-flop hub, and a 1mm shim for the rear seatpost. Other than that, I have pretty much everything I need thanks to the bike coop and a little help from the parts department at Bike Masters.