Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tuesday Lunch Ride

I was able to get my co-worker Jeff to come out for a ride today over lunch. We headed out for my 12 mile lunch loop. Stopped by to see the little horse and there was a very mean doggie there so I didn't get to give him any carrots.

This was Jeff's 2nd time out on his new XO1 with clip in pedals so I thought it would be a good idea to take him on some single-track. He only fell over 4 times. Not bad for a newbie.


dale said...

2nd time w clip ins? With friends like you ... he gets to escape the concrete jungle for some natural local jungle and some physical, mental, spiritual rejuvination.

So do you eat something on the ride, hit a local eatery, or just eat at the desk?

T-bone said...

Well he was bragging about how he didn't fall over once the first time he rode clipless.

I usually eat at my desk when I get back from the ride.

I'm heading out today to pick some more morels.

ajb said...

Morels! nice...