Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16th, Ride your bike to work day. YEA!!!

I rode mine, did you ride yours?

I was rolling up on Leavenworth Street and saw another commuter heading downtown on Leavenworth. I merged into traffic and got in my lane when I noticed he was running all the red lights and not following the traffic laws. This is not good for our cause and makes the cagers not respect us so Please FOLLOW ALL TRAFFIC LAWS.


Biker Bob/Runner Bob said...

That and people riding on the sidewalk, are the two things I don't like to see other commuters doing.

Both are dangerous, and both do not promote appropriate relations between bike commuters and cagers.

T-bone said...

I agree, although for some people (me included) it takes a few rides to get comfortable riding with traffic. Once your speed picks up I think it's much better to be mixed in with the cagers.

dale said...

I rode today. Been pulling bob with trail tools last couple times to work. Draws attention. Looks like I have a lawn trimming business.

dale said...

Do you stay in line at a stoplight or ride up to the intersection and stop?

I wait on redlights, but if there is no cross traffic and their light turned yellow, I look both ways again and start across. I'm usually halfway when the light turns green. This gets me through the intersection quickly which I see as more dangerous, and back to a side boundary.

munsoned said...

I act just like a car when it comes to red lights. If there's a row of cars ahead of me, I wait in line behind then. Even if I'm making a right hander and could easily squeeze by in the gutter, I'd rather show them I belong on the road by "being one of them."

I do have to admit, when I've been first in line at a red light, I also jump the gun a little in hopes to allow traffic to spread out. This has caught me though, as there's some slow lights, or lights that I didn't know had left turn lights in the opposite direction. So there I am, heading out into the intersection while the oncoming left hand turning people are supposed to be the only ones moving. I stop and make sure I give my best, "I messed up" looks so the drivers know that I know that they know I messed up. Yeah.

Chris G. said...

Just curious: Do you guys stop fully at all stop signs (i.e. do a track stand or put a foot down)?

I stop at red lights but usually just slow down for 4-way stops when no one else is there.


T-bone said...

If no one is at the 4 way I keep on trucking. If there are any cars I follow the rules, but I do get the confused look from drivers a lot of the time like they don't konw what to do. I will try and do a track stand most of the time while waiting.