Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hannah was invited to a model UN party at Papio Fun Park. I was happy that she agreed to my suggestion of riding there - over 20 miles. We stopped a couple times and ate at the DQ in Ralston. Took about 2.5 hrs total.

Big Papio Trail climbing out under W. Dodge.

Papio Fun Park

After three hours there, she was tired and mom picked her up to go home. I had pulled bob to carry change of clothes, books, etc. I thought 1.5 hrs to get home but it took me 2, stopping a couple times trying to take pics in the dark. Didn't work.

Hannah mentioned that cagers were smiling at us. I think with gas prices and commuting/cycling in the news lately, people seem more positive about sharing space. I think route selection is key - having a presence but not blocking traffic.


munsoned said...

Yeah, I do agree it's getting better, but there's still some idiots out there.

Saturday, around noon, I get off work(overtime pay, YES!) to ride to the parents house. I'm heading East-bound on Leavenworth towards 38th St. where there's 2 lanes and a shoulder I could've used if it hadn't completely covered with sand-box deep gravel. So I'm riding sort of in the car lane and see a very slow moving dump truck about a block ahead of me. I figured no one would want to zoom past me and get stuck behind an even slower moving dump truck. I was wrong.

A guy honks as he's buzzing by me, even though he could have moved over into the 2nd lane since there was no traffic to speak of. I pointed to the dump truck up ahead and shrugged, however he must have thought I was flipping him off. He stopped his pass and yelled something at me inside his rolled up windowed car while flipping me off. I yelled at him, "What's your problem?" He then proceeded to pass me quickly and got slowed by the dump truck. He then rolled down his window and put his blinker on, like he was about to take the next right hand turn. When he got to the next intersection, he stopped in the middle of the road. I stopped too. He yelled out the window for me to come around. I said, "No, I'm waiting for you to go." So he turned right and, I think, hollered stuff at me as he sped away.

I think this guy was just mad that he was paying almost $4 a gallon to get around and I'm just cruising along for free. I'd like to be able to tell angry drivers that I'm trying to lower gas prices for everyone by creating less demand. But that's usually a mouthful when someone is flying by you at twice your speed and yelling obscenities. Oh well.

dale said...

Many people don't look beyond or through the next vehicle while driving. Some people can't drive/live outside the lines. You presented him with a choice to follow you or break the letter of the law. He yell at you for his decision.