Saturday, October 11, 2008

sizzler rondevu

On Wednesday, Hannah and I rode from Benson down Maple to the Sizzler at 88th. From west Benson, we rode on the mostly 3 lane road to 72nd. Then hit the sidewalk b/c of the traffic and hills. Lots of non cutout curbs and on the way back, one telephone pole in the sidewalk beside a building that almost puts one on the street to get around. Not biking friendly but doable. About 15 minutes down and 20 back up.


Scott Redd said...

How does that Bob trailer handle the curb popping? I would imagine the single-wheel design would make it easier than trying to negotiate curb with a two-wheeled trailer.

Is there a lot of vertical motion play in the connection to the bike?

dale said...

It works well at slow speeds. I lift the front over, then pedal back wheel over, then partial pedal stroke till the trailer wheel goes up. Trailer wheel goes up over easier than back wheel.

Tracking is surperb. I've cleaned a tight, slow speed balance, technical trail feature (ttf) with a 180 turn in Tranquility pulling bob.

My bob has suspension so when have a heavier load, I can feel the suspension act. There are three weight settings to stiffen the ride for heavier loads - max is 70 lbs. For touring, I would minimize weight and keep it as low in trailer as possible. 25-30 lbs would be a comfortable goal, imo.

bob is great for singletrack and headwinds. bob is more of a handful with a crosswind or weight centered high on the trailer. I went selfsupported on BRAN and the crosswinds kept me busy keeping the bike and trailer verticle; a constant pushing down on one handgrip and pulling up on the other. The back of my shoulders were sore till I got use to it.