Thursday, October 23, 2008

I missed a great picture

As I was riding in this morning, I missed a great photo opportunity. As I passed under 72nd street on the Keystone, I noticed two small kittens curled up with each other under the bridge. They were staying warm and out of the wind and rain. It was really cute, but they scampered away before I could get a picture.

I'm looking forward to a dry bike ride home for a change. How have the rest of you bike commuters been fairing in the wet weather?


brady said...

I commuted by bike/foot twice this week; only once did I experience rain and it was during the bike commute home. I wore skull cap beneath helmet, full finger gloves, long sleeve tech shirt beneath a long sleeve woolie, all-weather knee length shorts, knee warmers & wool socks. Except for my cold feet, I was pretty comfy during the 20 min cycling commute in 45F and rain.

Scott Redd said...

There appears to be a colony of feral cats that live along the west bank of the creek there near Pacific. I've stopped several times to look at the kitties, with my daughter saying, "Can't we take one home?"

I got rained on at least once four days out of five last week, and then twice this week. So far, it's a lot of fun. The changing weather keeps things interesting.

The clothing combinations that I have been using seem to work well with chilly mornings, raining or not.

I wear a polypro baselayer, top and bottom, with exercise shorts on top of that. Then I add a short sleeved stay-dry shirt, then a long sleeved stay-dry ski shirt, then one or more short sleeved stay-dry shirts.

On the top I add my convertible yellow cycling vest/jacket. It appears to be good rain protection, and it's amazing at keeping my heat in and cutting though the wind.

Plus, I've been told that it can be seen a mile away, which I also like.

I ordered some Adidas Climapro shoe covers, but they are too small, so my sneakers and wool socks have been getting wet each day. I might sell them rather than send them back: make me an offer: size 9 1/2

I got my Amfib tights today, and look forward to trying them out with the even cooler weather next week.

Next I need to get some warmer gloves, as my Zilch full finger gloves aren't designed for warmth. I haven't had a need for a hat yet.

dale said...

I have some time off from work so I've been skipping the rain rides all together.

POLOSCAB said...

Got to ride in the rain both ways Thursday. I thought the weather guy said the rain was moving out of the metro, and it was drying up in Florence. Didn't take a rain jacket, can't find my rear fender. By 0600 I was pretty wet.

Looks like the bottom bracket will be coming out soon, there's got to be water in there. Way to many rain rides.

munsoned said...

Tuesday: rode to work in the rain, then did a 2 hr ride in the rain after work.

Wednesday: rode to and from work in the rain, too cold and not dressed warm enough for an after work ride.

Thursday: rode to work in the rain and got downpoured on the last 5 blocks to work. That and the traffic was crazy stupid at that time. I was pretty stressed by the time I got to work. The ride home was dry (FINALLY) but I was pretty worn out from work being busy and life stuff going on.

Friday: I drove since the off/on rain was really getting to me. I didn't even want to look at my bike. Cold and rain can do that do ya.