Monday, September 15, 2008

Cycling Commercials

I found the link to the following video over at Amsterdamize.


dale said...

My audio isn't working but I still liked them, especially the medical one and the car bomb.

Scott Redd said...

Even with the audio, you probably wouldn't have understood the language. That being said, most were easy to follow and amusing and well produced.

Who ever heard of a bike bomb? Yet another reason to cycle to work. :)

mindcaster said...

Let me help you out (thanks for linking it!)

1. A cool music video.
Tagline at the end: "If siting on a bicycle is like this... we do we sit in traffic jams?" "Ride your bike to work. It's a good cause."

2. "Attention to the owner of the blue Saab 900, license plate XB22BH. You have forgotten to enable your handbrake." "Attention, the blue Saab is rolling towards the yellow Lotus." text: 'Without discomfort? Take the bike'

3. Nice, but nothing poignant just singing about sitting on the back of the bike and sitting in the grass and how nice it all is/feels.

4. The "terrorist" one is meant to be Saddam just after his capture, n his exercise bike in jail, daydreaming of getting his revenge (on a big bike) on Rambo and Bush...

5. Men in Suits Racing
This is brilliant. This is Europe. Men in suits racing to work. Funny and cool.
Tagline: Ride to work. Make a sport of it.

6. friend says:"Just have made a carmix."

voiceover:(Tsja,) some people are really easy in/with taking/using the car. Look on

7. voice over of the doc."The first fase is denial. you have to give the addict the solution/cure of the problem. Then they have to take their own initiative."

"When they can do it on their own, we will let them go. Car addiction is a underestimated problem. We have to help these people."

"Yeah, somebody has to do something about trafficjams."

8. Take the car, with the bike.
Pakken (to take) has several meanings in dutch.

9. Mafia
Another classic one. The mafia guy asks, I believe, "How did you get here today?" The guy in white replies, "By bike". Mafia guy translates into Italian for his friend and they laugh.
Tagline: Cyclists live longer.

Cheers, Marc

Scott Redd said...

Thanks for the translations, Marc. That makes the videos even more enjoyable.

mindcaster said...

You're welcome, Scott, somebody else made the effort, I just copy-pasted it :)