Monday, September 15, 2008

Bike and Ride (Instructions)

By the end of the month ALL MAT buses in Omaha will have bike racks.

HERE is a link that explains how to use them.

This is a great way to make LONG bike commutes more manageable. The MAT system can also help you with east-west commuting needs since Omaha is notably challenged in that regard.


Scott Redd said...

I was at the MAT bike rack demonstration yesterday and took some photos. You can see them here at my blog.

The turn out was pretty good, and everyone seemed excited.



Biker Bob/Runner Bob said...

I must have just missed ya, or just didn't recognize you. I was there from 5:10 till 5:30.

Scott Redd said...

Hi Bob:

I was there during that time, but I only recognized Tammie Dodge and Linda Barritt. Did you or your bike show up in any of the photos I took and posted at my blog? I was wearing a yellow t-shirt and holding the blue Trek 7300 with back rack and fenders.

Biker Bob/Runner Bob said...

I was not in cycling clothes. I drove to work yesterday to give my legs a day off after the 100 on Sunday.

WordsOnSounds said...

Louisville has a great video to explain how their bus bike racks work: