Tuesday, June 24, 2008

swanson dance

Rode with Hannah Sunday to a rumba dance near 84th and F st. With Hannah dancing a couple hrs, I had time to hit up Swanson for a singletrack dance and return. Saw evidence of high water.

Big Papio and 72nd St.

RR at Seymor Smith Park north of Harrison St.

Had not rode Swanson since the race May 3. Access to Root of Evil hill is blocked by a tree (not that I was going to ride it anyway). The directional post had it's marker missing - wondered if the RoE hill section was being closed? Another tree down riding along the gulley just west of RoE hill. And some sad punk gang had to inflate it's puny self image by disrespecting property rights by painting it's initials across the kiosk plexiglass.

Good to get out to Swanson and ride, though I bonked riding back to the dance. Stopped at QT on 84th and ate a jaelepeno smoked sausage, gordetoes, two sobi's and a chocolate donut! Hannah and I were both toast as we got near home.


pcakes said...

Way to ride instead of driving and it's cool to see Hannah into it too. (until she gets a license, right?..ha!)

My daily commute has changed since early June. I now only have to travel just under 2.5 miles each way to UNO. I still try to ride other places or walk. Monday I commuted over 20 miles. It's funny when I do use the car, I seem to have a "car day" and use it for all kinds of errands that are more convenient with a car. I guess it is a game I play.

dale said...

Good for you on the 20 mile day! I hear you about the "car day" too. Living in a car-centered society, there are things that aren't worth the hassle of doing them by bike. Hopefully, as we make more decisions from a bike-centered perspective, and as consumers and businesses adjust to expensive fossil fuel transportation, our car useage will become more infrequent and efficient.

Yes, getting a license has tied Leah to her car. I use to drive her to work instead of riding with her like I do with Hannah. Riding 1.5 miles to Hannah's child-care job has changed her attitude about biking and she has experienced better health from it.

And riding together by bike, we have more time and feel less rushed to talk about stuff. Cars, like many technological advances, allow us to cram more stuff into our life. Causual biking or walking force us to make choices to cut some things out and slow down. These are good things, imo.

Anonymous said...

You said it Dale, I think we as a society, we would be better off if we had to slow down a little.

Perhaps more people would learn to enjoy life and the world around them, other than the rush-rush world that has been created where far too many people care more about themselves than those around them. Technology is assisting in the creation of people who want nothing more than instant gratification, and if they don't get it, I feel sorry for those in their path.

dale said...

www.slowmovement.com I found under simple living on RA's concept sustainable blog. My reading of several links started on his burb's article on the dirtrag blog. The slowmovement sounds interesting.