Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I saw a small kitten corpse on the way into work this morning. Seeing dead animals up close is one of the few disadvantages of bike commuting. It was in the middle of the road on 90th just north of Fort street. When I went by, I noticed it move as cars were passing over the top of it. I did a double take and realized it was flinching and not just getting moved by the wind from the vehicles. So I turned around in the middle of traffic and directed the cars to the other lane (neon green jackets have their advantages) while I rode back to what I though would be a severely injured kitten. As I approached, the kitten got up and ran to the curb. I went after him and after getting bitten and scratched a few times (biking gloves have their advantages) I calmed him down enough to stow him in my backpack "kangaroo style" for a short ride to the animal shelter at 86th and Fort. It's amazing how fast you can get attached to an animal. It was torture leaving the poor little guy at the animal shelter.


dale said...


T-bone said...

You should have kept him, you probably saved his life. Maybe he escaped from the shelter and was playing dead so he could get away.

munsoned said...

WOW. Great job man. Catatarian of the year award definitely goes to you, sir. Only a true commuter would stand up to traffic just to save a little kittens life. It must have been hit and just coming around when you saved it.