Thursday, March 20, 2008


So yesterday afternoon I had to go to Lincoln to fix a laptop. I get all changed to ride home and get my scooter for the drive to Lincoln when I noticed I forgot my keys to my lock. Had to get a ride home and off to Lincoln I went. Got back from Lincoln, went home and got my car so I could go back to work and get my bike. I get my bike and notice the rear wheel rubbing. That's funny, I didn't notice that when I parked it. I figured someone must have backed into it with their car or kicked my back wheel. Once I got it loaded on my bike rack on my car I noticed a broken spoke. Didn't get it fixed last night so today I rode the road bike. I can't believe how much faster that thing is. It probably took me 5 minutes less to ride in today. Now that it's getting nice out this might have to be my new commuter bike.


munsoned said...

If there's a security tape of the bike rack area, you should find out who did it and make them pay for a new wheel. They left the scene of a crime after all - damage to someone else's property.

I've been riding my road racer since the snow melted. So much easier and faster. And yes, I usually leave work and put in anywhere from 1-3 hours on the roadie most days. You'll build a huge aerobic base if you start riding your roadie like that. Then with your handling skills, you could probably take on the Experts at races. Just a thought.

Biker Bob said...

It's a bit messy riding the road bike, without fenders, in the rainy season. But it sure is nice going fast.

I put my road tires back on my commuter, and I'm enjoying it a lot.

T-bone said...

I noticed the spoke broke at the hub so my guess is it just broke on it's own. When I change it out I'll take a closer look. I've never seen any cameras down by the bike rack but who knows, there may be one. If I'm bored tomorrow at work I'll check into it.

Yea, once it gets nice out I'll start going for long rides on my way home. I wish they would get that bridge done so I could go over to CB and ride around.

Maybe I'll swap out my cross tires and put my road tires back on my cross bike since the snow is gone.

T-bone said...

Well, I had the wheel fixed and it looks like the chain must have went into them a few times because all the spokes were chewed up. Swapped out the CX tires for some road tires and man what a difference it makes. I would have never thought CX tires create so much drag. I was at work in 14 minutes today on the CX bike. That's the same time it took me on my road bike. It took me 17 min with the CX tires.