Friday, March 21, 2008


Another week of riding in the books. It sure feels good when I can ride the whole week. I just can't wait for it to be warmer. Right now I have to bring two sets of cycling gear to work. A cold set for the way to work and a warm set for the way home.

So yesterday on the way home I'm riding up Farnam Street just past the Smoke Pit on 25th and this guy is hanging out of his girlfriends car yelling at me. I yell "have a nice day" or something like that to him and that really gets him going. Then I sit up and give him the bird x2 and he get's so pissed he's about to jump out of the moving car. I tell him to do something about it as I'm reaching in my pocket for my camera. Oh that would have been sooo much fun if he would have gotten out of the car.


Biker Bob said...

But the next time he passes you on the road, he is not going too be friendly.

Let's hope he hasn't finished his anger management classes by then and have his license back.

But I hear ya on the camera thing. I which I had my camera handing when this happened:

ajb said...

T - thought about a downtown to CB ride to wabash trailhead thing on Thursdays when the tacos get revved up.

What say you?

T-bone said...

That sound great, my only problem is riding across the bridge to CB. If we don't get any rain this week the Wabash should be good Thursday.

Once the pedestrian bridge gets done we could all meet there and ride to the Wabash. I can't wait.