Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Community Bike Shop Auction

This bike will be up for auction on Friday, August 15 from 5:00 till 7:00pm at the the Community Bike Shop of Omaha. Several other bikes and bike related items will also be up for auction.

CORRECTION: I just got an email from Stuart at the Community Bike shop of Omaha.

"We had a typo on our website. The auction is Saturday, August 16, not 15. Time is still 5-7pm."

So the auction is Saturday and not Friday. Hope to see you there.

The Community Bike Shop of Omaha is located at 33rd and California next door to California Taco. The address is 525 North 33rd Street.

This bike was refurbished with help from Bike Masters and the Bike Masters Cycling Club.

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Stuart said...

Date the Auction is August 16. Excuse the error on our website. Stuart 216-1235