Monday, July 28, 2008

Cricket, Cricket, Cricket

Where did everyone go. The trails are busy each morning and afternoon, so I know some of you are still commuting.

How is everyone's summer going? Anyone have entertaining commuting stories to share?

My favorite has to be the time a guy in a truck started yelling at me as he passed real slow so he could really unload. After a heated exchange (mostly on his part) he promptly got stuck in a LONG line of traffic as I went scooting on ahead in the not-so-slow lane. I sure hope he realized his mistake of assuming that I was the one holding up traffic. Either that, or he had an aneurysm on the spot. He did look close to blowing a few gaskets.

Interestingly enough, it does seem like a larger proportion of people driving trucks are not happy people. Almost all of the rude comments I get from motorists come from people driving trucks. Maybe it's just PFS (Post Fueling Syndrome).


munsoned said...

Agreed on the PFS. Instead of getting angry at people giving me a hard time, from now on I'll just say, "Enjoy your next gas stop!" And remember, say it with a smile.

Biker Bob said...

Nice... I'll have to remember that.

Stephen said...

It's interesting that you post this today. It just so happens that today was the first day I've ridden to work, which was a feat for me.

On the way home there was a gentleman that felt it completely necessary to stop what he was doing in his garage, come outside and flip me off when he saw me coming. I have absolutely no idea what prompted it and he didn't say anything. Has to be just another case of PFS.

Biker Bob said...

Nice. Did he have a big F350 in the garage ;-)

Most of the reactions I get are the typical "Get on the sideWALK" or "Get off the road". Usually from somebody in a truck. Go figure.

Chris G. said...

I recently started yelling at cyclists because this blog had been silent for so long.

On another note: Did y'all see the article in last night's World-Herald regarding trail use? One cyclist/walker commented that the trail has two lanes, like the road, and users should occupy only the right lane, except when passing.

Carrying that analogy through, shouldn't pedestrians then walk on the left side of the trail, facing traffic? That would eliminate the need for all the "on your left." Cyclists could establish eye contact with pedestrians before passing.

Just a thought.

Stephen said...

In fact he did have an F-350. It was green and dually. Don't ask me where the trailer he pulled with it was, I didn't see one around.